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Early Neurological Stimulation & Puppy Culture Protocols

Early Neurological Stimulation & Puppy Culture Protocols

Our Pleasant Lake Goldendoodles are raised with a developmental enrichment program called Puppy Culture. Puppies raised in these environments have been shown to have many physiological benefits such as larger & more developed brains that have more neural connections & more brain cells. With these positive physical changes, there are so many intellectual & emotional benefits, such as emotional stability & adaptation to new sounds & environments, improved ability to learn & remember, resilience to stress & new environments.


The socialization period  in a young developing puppy is so critical & the first few weeks & months of a puppy’s life will have an effect on the puppy’s behavior & character for the rest of his or her life. We strive to have all of our Pleasant Lake Doodles to be brought up in a loving & enriching environment & all puppies are raised in our home. We use Early Neurological Stimulation protocols which includes gentle, loving handling & touching the ears & paw pads each day. Puppy Culture also provides curriculum for age appropriate exercises, exposure to different textures, sound conditioning (including exposure to noises & sound conditioning CDs), & so much more. This allows our puppies to be with their mother & littermates when they hear certain sounds for the first time & will be more adaptable when they go to their forever homes.


Your Pleasant Lake Doodle will also be exposed to ESI (Early Scent Introductory) where a puppy is exposed to one new scent each day on days 3-16 of life. Some of the benefits of ENS & ESI are increased cardiovascular performance, stronger heartbeats, stronger adrenal glands,  increased tolerance to stress & greater resistance to disease. Studies show this increase in neuro capacity will make a difference in performance. 

 Our Pleasant Lake Doodles will be raised as a part of our family & because of this, we as a breeder take this opportunity to have a positive impact on a well adjusted puppy until they go to their forever home. We know first hand how much a dog can heal hearts & each of our Pleasant Lake Doodles will always have a special place in our hearts.

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